Looking for the best Yeti Coolers on sale?

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If you know anything about coolers, then you would’ve heard the name Yeti, and no, we’re not talking about the abominable snowman. This Marvel seems to be holding itself pretty well in the struggle for the top position of the best coolers on the market 2016 & 2017. In this article we would be answering:

  • What are the different types of Yeti coolers?
  • Why is a Yeti Cooler more pricey, compared to other Ice chests of similar capacities?
  • Are Yeti Coolers worth it?
The last comparison was Yeti vs Pelican Coolers, see how they both square up.

Yeti cooler for sale 2016 – Comparison Table
 Yeti TankYeti HopperYeti RoadieYeti Tundra Cooler
ImageRubbermaid Cooler Open - best ice chests 2016
Rubbermaid Cooler Open - best ice chests 2016
Ice Retention3-4 Days4 Days5 Days6-7 Days
View Retailer
SummaryAmazing ice retention, can hold Kegs, not the most mobile.Compact, 100% leakproof and ideal for small eventsThe bitesize of the Tundra, great for partiesThe Yeti Legends are true, strong, durable. Arguably the best, everything you want in a cooler. However heavy.
Capacity (quart)45 or 85 Quart20 or 30 Quart20 Quart35 - 420 Quart

Yeti manufactures a range of cooler types which accommodate to your needs, whether using a Yeti Tundra for fishing or just using a Yeti Hopper for a small picnic, there is a cooler type for every use. The main cooler types are:

• Yeti Tundra
• Yeti Tank
• Yeti Hopper

Each type of cooler has its own features to allow buyers to buy a cooler that will perfectly suit their requirements. Let us have a look at these coolers in detail.

A Little about Yeti – Background

Logo of Yeti
Initially founded by two brothers Roy Seiders and Ryan Seiders in the year 2006. Their passion for outdoor adventures is what actually led to the establishment of Yeti.

While creating Yeti, the Seiders brothers wanted to create something for people who love being outdoors and not for mass-discount retailers. Their vision is that their cooler’s quality would never be compromised to save a few bucks and this is the reason due to which the Yeti coolers carry such a fat price tag. But as it is said, you get what you pay for, and the Yeti coolers are now a go-to solution for a large number of professionals, outdoor enthusiasts, and tailgaters.

Yeti coolers on sale - best ice chests 2016

Where are yeti coolers made?

Yeti Tundra coolers are Manufactured in the USA, with factories located in Iowa, Wisconsin, and the Philippines. Their Yeti Hoppers are manufactured in China. However, you can buy Yeti coolers on sale, made in the USA by contacting them directly.

Yeti coolers work as advertised and are perfect for all of your outdoor adventures. No matter how demanding the outdoor conditions are, you can always rely on the performance of these coolers.

1. Yeti Tundra Cooler

Yeti coolers on sale - Closed yeti tundra cooler

Ice Retention / Insulation

If you are looking to buy a cooler that can easily last for years and can provide you with a flawless functionality throughout its lifetime. The Tundra Series of coolers is a great pick from the following Yeti coolers on sale. This ice chest is loaded with a number of innovative features that make the Yeti Tundra stand apart from the crowd. And a contender for the best coolers of 2017. 

Main Features

• Roto-molded construction
• PermaFrost insulation
• ColdLock Gasket
• NeverFail Hinge system
• AnchorPoint tie-down slots
• InterLock lid system
• DoubleHaul Handles
• Vortex drainage system

  • Virtually Indestructible – The rotomolded design of the Tundra makes it highly durable, it’s even bear resistant
  • Extremely thick walls and lid – Coolers mainly heat up when they are exposed to sunlight and are well not insulated
  • Ice Retention – The ability to keep items cool is so efficient, it can, in theory, be used as a portable refrigerator if used well.
  • Great one time buy – If you’re tired of replacing parts, or even buying a new cooler all together, the Yeti Tundra doesn’t disappoint
  • Extremely Heavy – With the smallest size starting at 16lbs (20 Quart) when empty, If you’re going on a solo camping trip, its best to get a lightweight cooler…unless you’re a body builder!
  • Pricey – The price range is in a league of its own

Measurements and Specs

Yeti coolers on sale - - heavy duty cooler

Let us start with its construction. Like Grizzly Coolers, the Tundra cooler from Yeti has a rotomolded construction that makes it immensely stronger and virtually indestructible.
The hard walls of the Yeti Tundra have a proprietary FatWall design that holds 2” of insulation to offer enhanced ice retention.
Even the PermaFrost insulation inside these walls is commercial-grade, pressure-injected polyurethane foam to ensure that the ice inside these coolers stays solid for long durations.

Yeti coolers on sale - The No.1 Pick of the Cooler Reviews

The lid of the coolers features two T-Rex latches with molded-in keepers and patent-pending technology to make sure that the lid closes securely.
There is a unique InterLock Lid System for the purpose of creating a form-fitting barrier, to reduce the effects of direct sunlight on the cooler.

Moreover, you will also find AnchorPoint Tie-Down Slots on the sides with the help of which you can easily mount the cooler to your truck, trailer or boat.
Unlike standard coolers, even the gasket of this cooler is unique. The Tundra series of coolers from Yeti feature their proprietary ColdLock Gasket throughout the lid to lock the lid and ensure that none of the outside heat/ sun’s radiation can get inside the cooler.

The NeverFail Hinge System of the coolers features an interlocking design and two pins to prevent breaking of the hinge.
There are also LipGrip Handles on the sides of the cooler with the help of which you can easily carry the cooler. Apart from this, there is also DoubleHaul Handles on the sides which are made from a polyester rope of military grade for enhanced durability. For easy draining, the coolers feature Vortex Drain System.


As part of the Yeti Coolers on sale, the Tundra Series is available in different sizes (quarts), Tundra 35, Tundra 105, Tundra 350, and much more in between.
The Tundra comes in three different colors:

  • Desert Tan
  • Ice Blue
  • White

Also, the Yeti Tundra coolers come with a 5-years manufacturer’s warranty, not to mention a great customer service.

2. Yeti Cooler on sale – Yeti Hopper Cooler

image of a yeti hopper

Ice Retention / Insulation

A lot of people prefer soft-shell coolers as compared to the hard-shell ones, mainly down to better carrying flexibility. For such outdoor enthusiasts, Yeti has created its Hopper soft-shell coolers. With its outer shell made from DryHide (840D nylon), the hopper cooler offers long-lasting cooling along with the carrying flexibility.

Main Features

• Made from DryHide (840D nylon)
• FDA-approved liner material
• ColdCell insulation
• HydroLok zipper
• HitchPoint grid
• Multiple carrying handles

  • 100% leak-proof – The hopper doesn’t leak even when left full with Ice and left on its side
  • Air-tight Zip lock – Like a cooler lid the air tight zip system stops cold air leaving increasing the cooler efficiency
  • Soft sided Cooler – great for cramming in tight compact spaces
  • Comfortable Straps
  • Last up to 8 hours when exposed to direct sunlight
  •  Handles may not be that strong, there has been a few complaints of how the handles appear to snap off under pressure of load in the ice chest

Materials and Design

side view of the yeti hopper

The material used for the construction of the Yeti Hopper’s outer shell is resistant to mold, mildew, UV, and punctures.
Besides, it is waterproof too.
As part of the second item for the Yeti Coolers on sale, The cooler features Yeti’s proprietary ColdCell insulation which is made from rubber foam increasing the ice retention time, as compared to standard soft coolers. The HydroLok zipper at the top of the cooler is the highest performing leak-proof and water-proof zipper you will ever find on soft coolers. So, you can rest assured that all your contents are completely safe inside this cooler.

The Hopper Cooler features as many as three carrying handles. You have the:
• removable shoulder strap
• top carrying handles
• handles on both the sides

All the handles are double-stitched for enhanced durability. With multiple carrying handles, you can easily carry this cooler with utmost convenience. Additionally, the cooler also has six tie-down rings that provide you with many different ways to secure this cooler to your kayak, boat, or truck.

Size and Dimensions

Yeti coolers on sale - inside a yeti hopper

This 20 qt Cooler can easily accommodate up to 18 cans along with ice in 2:1 ratio with the contents. Its overall dimension is 13 ¼” x 20 ½” x 10 ¼, the” and it weighs 4.1 pounds when empty. Just almost ta

It is available in two different colors:

  • Blaze Orange
  • Field Tan

Apart from 20 qt, the cooler is also available in other capacities, like 12 qt, 30 qt, and 40 qt.
All the Hopper Yeti Coolers on sale come with a 3-year warranty but are sure to last for a much longer duration. But it is still pretty high that you can always get in touch with Yeti if at all there is any problem with your Hopper Cooler within three years of purchase.

3. Yeti Roadie 20 Cooler Blue

Yeti coolers on sale - a image of a blue yeti roadie

Ice Retention / Insulation

The Roadie 20 Cooler comes under the Tundra range of coolers from Yeti, it is a great small cooler.  The cooler can easily accommodate up to 14 cans along with ice in 2:1 ratio with the contents. (Varies with Quart)

Main Features

• Roto-molded construction
• Polyurethane PermaFrost insulation
• DoubleWall design
• ColdLock gasket
• DoubleHaul handles
• Vortex drainage system
• BearFoot feet

  • Great Investment – Due to its sturdy build and its rotomolded design, a product warranty of 5 Years, the Yeti Roadie isn’t going anywhere so soon
  • Ice saving cooler- Compared to its peers the Yeti Roadie requires less ice to maintain the same temperature reducing the amount of ice needed.
  • Great Ice retention – Can last up to 7 days (away from direct sunlight)
  • Very Heavy – Weighing 15 pounds when empty, the Yeti Roadie needs a good two people  carry when at maximum capacity
  • Quite Pricey – compared to its peer the Yeti Roadie is an average of $60 higher
  • Sealing not as great – Yeti took the Tundra and made it more compact. However, this came at a cost of a reduced ability to seal content, leading to possible leaks.


Just like the above mentioned Tundra cooler, the Roadie 20 also features ColdLock Gasket to allow the ice to stay solid for longer durations. Being a heavy duty cooler, its rotomolded construction has ‘No Sweat’ design to prevent any leakage from the cooler and ensure that it remains from the outside.

The Yeti Roadie also comes provided with a swing-type handle at the top,  made from non-corrosive material and also features a comfy grip for enhanced convenience. The cooler also has a Vortex Drain System which only requires you to turn the drain knob and water will slowly start draining from the cooler. If you are looking to carry this cooler in a boat, kayak or your truck, for enhanced safety of the cooler there are also AnchorPoint Tie-Down Slots which you can use for mounting.


The overall dimension of this Roadie 20 Cooler is 19.8” x 14.8” x 14.5” and weighs 15 pounds when empty.
While it might not be the lightest in weight 20 qt. Cooler, it is still pretty easy to carry with the help of its top handle.

The Yeti Roadie comes in:

  • Ice Blue
  •  White
  • Desert Tan


The cooler comes with a 5-year manufacturer’s warranty as well, so, you can rest assured that your Roadie 20 will provide you with years of excellent functionality. If you are looking for a smaller Yeti cooler, this Roadie 20 will definitely be an ideal pick.
However, if you are concerned about the price, try looking at our post on the best small coolers of 2017.

4. Yeti Cooler on sale – Yeti Tank 85

Yeti coolers on sale - yeti tank with filled with uce

Ice Retention / Insulation

If you want an Ice buckets, we got you covered. The Cooler Tank 85 from Yeti would be an sweet choice if you would like to store an extra Keg for an outside pool party.

Main Features

• Roto-molded construction
• NoSweat design
• PermaFrost insulation
• Vortex drainage system
• DoubleHaul handles
• BearFoot feet

  • Ideal Cooler for outside events – Holds up to 96 Beers, and can store Kegs
  • Mobility reduced – When fully loaded the Yeti Tank, can be a bit heavy to travel around, no portability aid e.g. wheels


Image of a blue yeti tank

The Yeti tank cooler also has a rotomolded construction which allows it to easily withstand extreme outdoor conditions and still continue to do what it does best- to keep your beverages cold.

A large number of ice buckets available in the market have this problem which leads to unwanted puddles on car seats and carpets. But with this Yeti Tank, there will be no such problem.

If we talk about the insulation, it features Yeti’s proprietary PermaFrost insulation which is made from pressure-injected, commercial-grade polyurethane foam to ensure that your beverages stay cooler for longer durations and you can enjoy your outdoor adventures at their best.

Just like its Tundra hard shell coolers, the tanks also feature Vortex Drain System at the bottom part of the tank for easy drainage. The rugged drainage knob is leak-proof and makes draining of water a very simple process, a feature other Yeti coolers on sale lack.
What could have been improved about the Yeti tank could have been the handles? It proved quite difficult to carry around when fully loaded by yourself, a nice wheel extension could have done the trick.


Yeti coolers on sale - yeti tank with keg

The Tank Cooler 85 has a capacity of 20.6 gallons, and it can accommodate up to 60 long neck bottles, or 96 cans when stored along with ice in a 1:1 ratio.
Just like the above mentioned hard shell coolers from Yeti, this cooler tank is also available in three colors:

  • White
  • Ice Blue
  • Desert Tan

This Cooler Tank 85 measures 20” x 26” x 26” and weighs 20 pounds when empty.
Apart from 85 qt. This cooler tank is also available in 45 qt. capacity. So, if you are looking for a premium-quality ice bucket that can add more fun and excitement to your outdoor parties, this Yeti Tank Cooler 85 is the way to go.

Yeti coolers on sale – Are they worth it?

Yeti coolers on sale - Different cooler sizesI think it is fair to ask yourself, what are you going to use the coolers for. Yeti coolers are a great investment regarding quality and durability. They are built to last. All in all, The following Yeti coolers on sale would be ideal for the user who will be actively use coolers for everyday events such as fishing, party venues, and even hiking.
However, if you’re just a one-time user of these Yeti coolers on sale, it can be a pretty expensive for occasional use. The bottom line is it is down to your preference.

Are they worth it?

For quality? Absolutely. For the Price? Debatable.

While there is no denying the fact that these Yeti coolers on sale are expensive, you cannot disagree that it is a quality cooler taking a significant hold in the market and would only get better with time. Hopefully resolving issues with weight of some coolers

Furthermore, with all the different types of coolers that Yeti design, you are sure to get one that will perfectly suit your requirements. So, look through the features of the each cooler and see which Yeti Coolers on sale best suits your preference.

If you’re looking for coolers like Yeti but cheaper, or you want just to make the best out of your cooler why not look at the 10 best tips on keeping your coolers cool.