What are the best wine cooler reviews of 2017?

We decided to take a little break from keeping your beverages cold and got a bit classy. *Sips Wine*.

Wine bottles whether red or white needs an optimum temperature to get the best taste out of it. It’s rare to have delicious luke-warm wine – with all the space wine bottles take up in a fridge wine coolers are the solution.

Buying a wine cooler can be quite confusing, especially when there are so many wine coolers around. But don’t you worry, we’re here to help.

Wine Cooler Reviews – Comparison Table

We understand that picking the best wine chiller without any prior knowledge is a tedious task. Below, is a summary list of the best wine coolers on the market.

Product Model
AKDY Dual Zone Wine Cooler

21 Bottles


NewAir AW-181E Wine Cooler

18 Bottles


Kalamera Wine Cooler

46 Bottles


Koldfront Dual Zone Wine Cooler

18 Bottles


Kalamera 15” Built-In Wine Cooler

30 Bottles


Ivation Red And White Wine Cooler

12 Bottles


Avanti Counter Top Wine Cooler

12 Bottles


How Does a Wine Cooler Work?

Wine cooler Reviews Image - Kalamera Wine Cooler LED
Wine coolers can be broken down into two types: a compressor based cooler and thermoelectric chiller.

A compressor-based cooler and thermoelectric cooler.

Compressor coolers just act like a mini fridge in your home. In simple words, when a thermostat of the cooler senses any rises in temperature, the compressor starts working to pull down the temperature to required degrees. But they are bit noisier than thermoelectric units. Regarding efficiency, they keep the wine bottles cooler for a longer period at the desired temperature.

On the other hand, we have a thermoelectric wine cooler. Such appliances rely on Peltier effect for cooling the wine. Technically, Peltier devices use the electricity to make the environment cooler. When current passes through it, the one side of a device becomes cooler than the other side. Simply, it pulls out the hotter air and keeps the cooler air inside the chiller.

Best Wine Coolers Reviews

#1 AKDY 21 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Freestanding Wine Cooler 

Wine cooler Reviews Image - AKDY 21 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric wine cooler
Number one on the long list of the wine cooler reviews is this sleek looking efficient wine cooler.
If you’re after a stylish wine cooler with aesthetic appeal, AKDY 21 Bottle Wine Cooler is that you need. As suggested by the name, this appliance can easily store 21 standard size wine bottles.

Unlike the traditional chillers, this one comes with dual temperature zones, allowing you to store your red and white wines at their respective temperatures. Usually, a cooler temperature for whites and warmer for reds.

A divider is placed inside the chiller. You can use upper zone for storing six bottles. While the lower end can hold up to 15 bottles.
The cooler’s door is specially designed with double paned glass. This results in trapping of air between them. Air also acts as the insulator to keep the temperature steady.
The organization of wine is a piece of cake, as it features seven removable wood shelves. When you place the bottles in them, the cooler looks awesomely elegant.

For the night support, this cooler lights up using the blue LED lighting. At one point it adds value to aesthetic appeal but also emits a very low amount of heat; not to spoil the internal temperature.
The appliance relies on a thermoelectric cooling system. Not to forget, this component works quietly in an eco-friendly manner.

The AKDY 21 wine bottle cooler also features an electronic touchpad, so you can precisely set the temperature using the LED temperature display, all features worthy of making the best wine cooler reviews list.


• Quiet, eco-friendly and vibration free operation
• Dual temperature zones for red and white wines
• You can easily set the desired temperature using the touchpad temperature controller


• You may find the shelves to be tighter

#2 NewAir AW-181E 18 Bottle Wine Cooler

Wine Cooler Reviews - NewAir AW-181E Wine Cooler

A perfect combo of style and performance for a wine enthusiast!

Let’s start with cooler’s freestanding profile. With such profile, placement options are extremely flexible. It can hold the 18 standard sized wine bottles easily.
Talking about temperature, this one offers a single temperature zone cooler. So you have to either store a specific wine at a time.

Like other cooling systems, the NewAir Wine cooler features a thermoelectric cooling system making the unit efficient and eco-friendly. Not to mention, this system does not release ozone-depleting harmful chemicals.
Inside the cooler, an elegant blue lighting looks stunning. Honestly, the lighting is more for appearance despite being functional. Only top three rows come under the limelight.

The space between the shelves is not too much. But you should not bother it as this provides more room for storing wine bottles.
This made it onto the wine cooler reviews, because as compact as it is, this unit can store 18 bottles of your favorite wine at an optimal temperature for chilling. Precisely, the temperature range is 54 – 66 degrees Fahrenheit.

Changing the temperature settings is a breeze thanks to up/down response control buttons.
To save more energy, you can turn off the LED light using the integrated light button.

  • Free from chemicals that add harm to the ozone layer
  • Digital temperature display with intuitive temperature control buttons for quick changes
  • Heavy duty glass door for optimum insulation

Difficult to store bigger wine bottles

#3 Kalamera 24” 46 – Bottles Wine Chiller

Wine cooler Reviews Image Kalamera 24'' Wine refrigerator
Third on the list of the wine cooler reviews is the Kalamera wine cooler.
The Kalamera wine chiller is the most versatile cooler with a wide range of temperature range. For your reds, whites, and roses, this one works ideally.
In the upper zone, the temperature range is 40 – 50 degrees Fahrenheit. You can set the temperature between 50 – 66 degrees Fahrenheit in the lower zone.

Like Kegerator dispensers, this chiller is based on compressor cooling system for quick frosting. Don’t worry; it is vibration and noise free.
An auto-defrosts functionality is a unique and best thing about Kalamera. This helps in cleaning and drying of the fridge.
A soft blue LED lighting guides you in the night without switching on the room light.


• Being a dual zone cooler, it is perfect for all kinds of wine
• Instant compressor cooling system
• Massive storage capacity of 46 wine bottles


• Although, the brand has claimed about Kalamera cooler to be noise free. But still, it produces a small amount of noise due to the running of the fan.

#4 Koldfront 18 Bottle Dual Zone Wine Cooler

Wine cooler Reviews Image - Koldfront 18 Bottle Dual Zone Thermoelectric Wine Cooler
Competent wine cooler with the sleek but classic design.
Making it onto the wine cooler reviews list wasn’t easy but this wine cooler needs appreciation; it features two temperature zones. Like Koldfront unit!

Two compartments with different temperature ranges make it a pie in the sky. The upper zone has a range of 54 – 66 degrees while the lower one offers a range of 46 – 66 degrees. Did you notice something unusual?

Both zones have the same maximum limit. It means when you need a wine cooler for storing reds only, this will come handy! We can’t resist calling it a subtly clever feature!
The Koldfront cooler comes equipped with an LCD temperature control, fairly located and owns highly intuitive touchpad inputs.

For cooling, this unit takes help from the thermoelectric cooling system. You know that this system is famous for being noise or vibration free, and also beneficial for the environment.


• Remarkable size to capacity ratio satisfies the needs of wine experts
• Complimentary design features and nice looking components
• Dual temperature zone feature makes the storage of reds and whites easier
• Digital temperature control pad to make changes accurately


• You can’t use it for bigger bottles

#5 Kalamera 15” Built-In Wine Cooler

Wine cooler Reviews Image - Kalamera Wine Cooler
Highly sophisticated and compact wine cooler!
The compact design is the most compelling fact about Kalamera 15”. As the name indicates, being a 15” built in cooler, it fits into the majority of places nicely. You may like to use it as a freestanding appliance or put it under the cabinet.

In the front, it features a double layered tempered glass door which maximizes the insulations. This way, the unit stabilizes the internal temperature.

When you set a particular temperature, its system memorizes it. In a case of power loss, when the power comes back, it restores the temperature to your previous settings. You don’t need to check the temperature again and again.

Being a single zone cooler, it provides the temperature range of 40 – 66 degrees Fahrenheit. Honestly speaking, this range makes it useful for storing whites and reds easily. But not simultaneously.
With the help of LED temperature controller, a setting of temperature is a piece of cake.


• Double glass door for optimum insulation
• Compact and sleek design features
• LED temperature controller allows easy adjustments of temperature settings


• Compressor cooling can be noisy

#6 Ivation Red and White Wine Cooler

Wine cooler Reviews Image - Ivation 12 Bottle Wine Cooler
Most silent wine cooler ever!
The Ivation wine cooler is a must for every wine enthusiast who wants to age the wines at the steady temperature. Red or white wine, it comes handy for every kind of wine. Cooling of wine bottles at the consistent level is essential to enjoy an optimum taste of wine.

Using the Ivation cooler, you can store the wine bottles for short or long term. You have complete freedom of choosing the desired temperature between 50 – 64 degrees Fahrenheit. The versatile temperature range lets you cool the wine bottles in any climate.

The walls and doors are heavily insulated with heavy polyurethane foam. This results in regulation of humidity inside the unit. This way, a wine bottle can’t have encountered with air. Thus the taste of wine remains awesome.

Acting as a thermoelectric cooler, this works silently but efficiently.
On the exterior, you have a digital temperature control for selecting the desired temperature for wine bottles.


• Eco-friendly, vibration and noise free cooling system
• Heavily insulated interior and door to main the interior humidity
• Digital LCD temperature controller


• Single zone system does not allow storage of reds and whites at the same time

#7 Avanti 12 Bottle Counter Top Wine Cooler

Wine cooler Reviews Image - Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler

Last on the list of the wine cooler reviews is the Avanti wine cooler.
The moment you set eyes on it, you can’t stop falling for the compact design. In fact, the small features are the real reason why wine enthusiasts prefer this cooler. Due to its inherent ability to be taken as freestanding chillers or under counter coolers, everyone falls for it.

Although the choice is yours, definitely you should try it as a freestanding cooler. Why? Because of its lightness, alluring style, and compactness!
In full operation, it’s virtually silent. Thanks to the thermoelectric cooling system!
Honestly, this small cooler has a unique storage system. Totally, it allows storage for 12 bottles. But you can place the four bottles vertically!

Despite being a single zone chiller, it can be useful for both reds and whites. All you have to do is set the temperature to 56 degrees Fahrenheit.


• Vertical placement allows you to store opened bottles in upright position
• Storage of reds and whites simultaneously, if temperature is kept at 56 degrees Fahrenheit
• Light weight and compact design


• Not suitable for bigger wine bottles

Frequently Asked Questions About Wine Coolers

Which type of cooler is best? Single or dual zone?

It depends on your personal taste of wine. If you like to enjoy both reds and whites, then dual zone temperature cooler is a must. Otherwise, a compact single zone chiller will do the trick.

Should I prefer compressor based or thermoelectric cooler?

When you want to avoid noise, the thermoelectric cooler works best. Regarding quick chilling, compressor-based chillers are best.

Why should we choose a cooler with compact design?

When you need to move cooler frequently or have to place in teeny tiny place, a cooler with compact or sleek design comes handy.

Wine Cooler Reviews – Summing Up!

Hopefully, our guide on wine cooler review has proved to be helpful. By now, you probably have picked the best wine cooler for your needs. If a large wine cooler does not interest you, a portable single bottle wine chiller is a great alternative.