What is the best single bottle wine chiller of 2017?

Playing the never-ending game of keeping your wine bottle cool, constantly taking it in and out of your wine cooler can be quite a task. Fortunately, there’s a small little friend which can help you with that.

Introducing, the single bottle wine chiller.

A single bottle wine chiller acts as a portable cooler which keeps your wine cool, whether you’re on the coast enjoying the sunset on the horizon, or you’re simply having a guest over and want to show them how real wine taste at its optimum temperature.

Best Single Bottle Wine Chiller Comparison Table

Product Model
Material Type
Vacu Vin Prestige Wine Cooler



Cooper Cooler Rapid Wine Chiller



Oster Wine Opener With Chiller



Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Wine Cooler

Polyester Foil


Wine Enthusiast Iceless Wine Bottle Chiller



Let’s cut to the chase, the above single bottle wine chiller comparison table has been rated on the following factors, these include the temperature, retention time, the ability to cool wine, portability, and the price.
In this article, we’re going to provide you with all you need to know about a single bottle wine chiller and the benefits.

How A Single Bottle Wine Cooler Benefits You?

Be it whites or rose, every wine needs an ideal temperature for optimal rejoice. Maintaining the temperature is the primary feature of a wine chiller. But that’s not the only attraction about it. Everyone likes to enjoy chilled wine but at different temperatures.

A wine chiller gives you freedom of chilling the wine at your desired temperature. Whether you want the coldest version or slightly warm wine, you got it with the chiller!

You must be thinking,

“…Hey, we can set the temperature with refrigerator too.”

Yes, you can! But a wine chiller is a specialized appliance solely created for chilling wine bottles. It has an ideal environment with perfect humidity to retain the optimum taste of wine.

Not to forget; a wine chiller is smaller in size. So, being a portable appliance, it is a must for outdoor parties or dinners.

Best Single Bottle Wine Chiller Reviews

#1 Vacu Vin Prestige Stainless-Steel Tabletop Wine Cooler

Image of Vacu Vin Prestige single bottle wine chiller
An Ideal single bottle wine chiller for outdoor events.

First of all, When you’re planning an outdoor dinner in the summer nights, without having access to any refrigerator. Vacu Vin chiller is your savior for having perfectly chilled wine!

Single bottle wine coolers mainly help in controlling the temperature of the wine bottle. While this does not only chills down the wine but also maintain the desired temperature for an extended period.

The wine chiller also comes with a pouch that contains ice cooling material. To use it, place it into a refrigerator.
Once it is cold enough, place it back in the stainless-steel case. Now, it’s time for the wine bottle to sit in the case. Within 5 minutes, it will chill down the wine bottle.

The whole bottle is specialized design for long lasting usage. The Vacu Vin Prestige Stainless-Steel Tabletop Wine Cooler preserves the temperature for up to 4 hours.
And the best part, using the Vacu Win chiller is a breeze, as there is no ice. (No pun intended).

  • Premium outlook & design
  • Instant ice cooling material lowers the temperature within five minutes
  • Keeps the wine chilled for 4 hours
  • A great substitute to a ice chest cooler
  • Won’t work in the absence of a refrigerator
  • Not suitable for big wine bottles

#2 Cooper Cooler Wine Chiller

Image of copper cooler single bottle wine chiller front
The best electric wine chiller for home.
Cooper Wine Cooler is a revolutionized chiller with tons of advanced features and an aspiring design. This electric machine can chill your wine bottle within 6 minutes. In a case of cans, the duration is cut down to 1 minute only.

Using it is not a rocket science. You just need a handful of ice cubes and water for cooling. Put them inside it, place the wine bottle and push the start button. Use of ice for chilling wine or beer is nothing radical. But unlike other devices, it rotates the bottle with a continuous spraying of ice water. So, the wine gets cold uniformly and instantly.

The Copper single bottle wine chiller has valid perks that make it so popular among wine lovers. For instance, there is an automatic touchpad with preset time settings. For extra chill, you can tweak the temperature. And when the device needs more ice, the LED indicator will light up.

You must be wondering; what about big wine bottles? Fortunately, this is not a problem with Cooper Chiller. Turning off the spin setting is the only thing to do. Just manually change the side for optimum impact. That’s it!

  • Most efficient ice pack cooling system; chills down beer cans within a minute and a wine bottle is a matter of size minutes only
  • Spinning of bottle enhances the cooling
  • Advanced features of automatic touchpad, extra chill setting, spin function and LED indicator for adding ice
  • Needs to be powered by electricity.

#3 Oster Rechargeable And Cordless Wine Opener With Chiller

Image of Oster Rechargeable single bottle wine chiller
A rechargeable opener with a bonus wine chiller!
Pretty much obvious from the name, basically it is a wine chiller. Precisely, we can call it a wholesome package for wine experts.
Pulling out the cork out of wine bottle can be tedious, and Oster offers a solution.
That’s why we should pay attention to this little device.

In addition, with Oster wine opener, you can open the bottle within seconds. All you have to do is place the opener on top of the bottle and press the button. The device will automatically start spinning and entering into the cork.

A thermal wine chiller is a primary attraction about it. This durable stainless- steel container keeps the wine chilled for hours. Get rid of the hassle of refilling the ice bucket over and over.
When you always pull the bottle out of traditional ice bucket.

  • Ideal chiller for 750ml wine bottles
  • Rechargeable opener can open 30 bottles on one charge
  • Removes the corks instantly
  • It maintains the temperature of wine but does not make it colder
  • Won’t work on plastic or synthetic corks

#4 Vacu Vin Rapid Ice Wine Cooler – Vineyard

Image of Vacu Vin wine chiller

A masterly chiller with an archaic design!
You may underestimate Vacu Vin Cooler’s performance by just looking at it. Your concern is valid when the whole package only includes a cooling sleeve.

We will talk about working in a minute. Before that, can’t we appreciate the intricate and beautiful vine year appearance of the sleeve?

What do we look in a best single bottle wine chiller? Performance and portability. Both are possible with it!
To make it applicable, you have to put the sleeve in the refrigerator. Once the temperature drops, take it out of the refrigerator and place the wine bottle in it. Within 5 minutes, your wine bottle will be chilled down.
The sleeve will regulate the temperature for up to 6 hours; making it the supreme single bottle cooler choice for outdoor events.

The sleeve will regulate the temperature for up to 6 hours; making it the supreme single bottle cooler choice for outdoor events.
It may look slightly bulkier. In reality, it takes the minimal space in the freezer.

  • High-performance cooling sleeve
  • Shows the results within 5 minutes
  • Accommodate standard sized wine bottles
  • Won’t work if freezer is not available

#5 Wine Enthusiast Double Walled Iceless Wine Bottle Chiller

Image of Wine Enthusiast Double Walled Iceless Wine Bottle Chiller
An iceless wine chiller with optimum aesthetic appeal!
At last, we have an iceless wine cooler from Wine Enthusiast. The single wine cooler features transparent acrylic thermal insulated walls. Further, whittled down by stainless-steel.

A Wine Enthusiast chiller is an inventive way of keeping the pre-chilled wine cold on a hot summer day. When you’re out on the picnic with friends or family, this will be your loyal companion.
When you use it, you’ll notice the absence of sweat on the exterior. Aesthetically, it becomes a compelling choice as it leaves no water ring on your table.

It will stay as a temperature buffer for a straight 3 hours. That is fair enough!
Not to mention, this light weight chiller is sturdy and durable; will last longer.

  • Thermal insulated walls for regulating the temperature even on hotter day
  • Can serve you for straight 3 hours
  • Zero production of sweat on outer surface
  • When the freezer is not available chilling wine bottles, this chiller does nothing

Frequently Asked Questions About Single Wine Bottle Chillers

Which type of single bottle chiller is best? Thermoelectric or ice pack technology?

Thermoelectric wine chiller is the preferred choice. Because it cools down the wine faster than ice pack chiller. Working with a thermoelectric cooler is a pain-free process. But the second choice becomes a necessity when there is no electricity.

Why is humidity necessary for cooling wine?

A particular humidity level helps in sustaining the original and strong taste of any wine. One thing is commendable about all types of chillers, even the cheaper ones; they all maintain the humidity level around 50%. At this level, wine bottle will be chilled down without cracking the cork.

What to look for in any wine chiller?

Before buying a wine chiller, figure out why do you need it. Because if you use it for indoor parties, you can pre-chill your beverages in a cooler. And then put them in the cooling sleeve or iceless container for long lasting effect.

Best Single Wine Bottle chiller – Conclusion

Image of Oster Rechargeable single bottle wine chilller
Finally, it’s time to make the final decision. We understand it is not possible to go through never-ending lists of wine bottle coolers. That’s why we’ve come up with this guide on the finding the best single bottle wine chiller.
This has narrowed down the choices to best ones only, but at the end of the day, the choice is down to your preference.