Portable air conditioners for cars?… is that a thing?

Portable air conditioner for car - AboveTEK 12V DC Electric Car Fan

Repairing or buying a new car can cost up to thousands of dollars!

But there is an alternative.

A portable ac for cars could easily save you money while keeping you cool inside the vehicle.The good news is that the cost for portable AC’s are relatively cheap and offers versatility that doesn’t come with fixed internal car air conditioner.

Portable car air conditioners use a 12-volt power supply. You can connect a portable AC to your car cigarette lighter outlet. They cost much less than traditional air conditioning and provide a perfect solution for anyone looking to keep the car cool only during certain seasons.

Portable Air Conditioner for Car 2017

Product Model
AboveTEK 12V Electric Fan


Taotuao Air Cooling Fan


CTLpower Cooling fan


Wooboo Mini Portable Air Conditioner


Misconceptions about portable car air conditioners

Portable air conditioner for car - AboveTEK 12V DC Electric Car Fan Image

Although it seems perfect, using a small air conditioner for cars has its downside.

In fact, there isn’t a perfect portable AC for your car out there. A ‘real’ portable air conditioning units (with compressor) require lots of space and power – both unavailable inside a car.

Coolers and fans do a decent job of providing portable air conditioning for your vehicle, but they won’t help you with keeping your beverages cool.

However, a few products have tried to get as close to actual AC as possible.
They have tried their best to solve this problem, and some have come very close to solving it for good.

Below, you will explore these innovative and useful products that don’t cost much compared to getting a new internal AC in your car. Read how they work and what you can expect from them when mounted on your dashboard.

1. AboveTEK 12V Electric Car Fan

Portable air conditioner for car - AboveTEK 12V DC Electric Car Fan
AboveTEK 12V DC Electric Car Fan is a rotatable 2-speed dual blade portable air conditioner for cars that comes with a 9 feet long cord so that you can move the fan anywhere inside your vehicle or simply mount it on the dashboard.

AboveTEK 12V Electric Car Fan Review

This premium car fan is ideal for sedan SUV, RV boat, and auto vehicles. It’s incredibly simple to use and effective for vehicles that don’t have an AC. You can use it for blowing out hot air from your car when parked. Unlike some other car fans in the market, this unit has a kids-safe design so you can keep it turned on when you leave your kids unattended in the car.

The car fan from AboveTEK comes with a 360-rotating twin fan that let you enjoy your driving experience. Since the fan improves air circulation in the vehicle, you will breathe fresh air, and your brain will remain alert while driving.

AboveTEK portable car fan isn’t exactly an air conditioner, but it does the job. It keeps your car cool and windy with low noise and minimal power consumption.

How to install:

AoveTEK 12V electric fan is easy to use. Simply plug the cord in 12V cigarette lighter socket and turn on the power. It will start blowing cool air.

You can easily mount this fan on your car dashboard. It comes with strong adhesive stickers at the base that make it easy to install on the dashboard.

Use this fan to cool the front seats or the backseats. It’s truly a portable unit as it comes with a long cord that allows you to move the fan to any corner of your vehicle.

Technical Details
– Type: Portable car fan
– Size: 4-inch fan
– Power: 8W – 15W
– Input: 12V (Use cigarette lighter socket in a vehicle to power the fan)

  • Low power, low budget car air conditioning alternative
  • 360-degree rotation
  • Child-friendly
  • Fits small and large Sedan SUV vans and trucks

– Not an ideal permanent solution – if you have long and tough summer ahead

2. Taotuo Car Cooling Fan

Portable air conditioner for car - Taotuo Car Cooling Air Fan 12V Image
The Taotuo car cooling fan is a 12V blower fan with adjustable speed and silent operation. This portable air conditioner for cars is perfect for camping and trucking. You can use it with a solar panel or power it from your car’s 12V socket just like thermoelectric coolers.

Taotuo Car Cooling Fan Review

Like other cooling fans, the Taotuo car cooling fan is a 2-speed blower fan that keeps you cool when driving a vehicle that doesn’t have a functional air conditioner. It doesn’t make any noise so it won’t interrupt you while you are driving. You can use it in an auto car, truck, van, or SUV.

This unit consumes lesser power compared to other car air conditioners. You can also use a solar panel to power this fan. Since it’s portable, you can take it anywhere you go.
The Taotuo car fan has a unique design that allows it to generate a greater breeze while allowing it to cool inside the unit.

How to install:

To use this fan, mount it on the vehicle dashboard. Plug the cord into cigarette lighter socket (12V). Now locate the switch control on the fan and turn it on.
You can choose between two speeds using the same switch. Adjust the speed to your desired speed.
This fan doesn’t make any noise as it doesn’t use a traditional fan to produce air. Instead, it makes use of a low-power blower fan.

Technical Details
– Type: Blower fan
– Input: 7 watts
– Power: 12V
– Speed: 2-speed blower motor
  • Low energy blower fan
  • High-quality construction
  • Low noise operation
  • Suitable for various situations (think camping, driving, etc.)
  • For single person use only
  • Doesn’t cool your car as effectively as do some other car fans such as AboveTEK 12V electric fan

3. CTLPower Handheld Fan

Portable air conditioner for car - CTLpower Portable Handheld Fan
CTLpower Handheld fan is a portable mini misting personal cooling fan that gives you soft wind with quiet operation. It’s perfect for cars, home, and office.

This humidifier fan is a mini portable car AC for those who want to add humidity to their dry weather. You can hold the misty fan closer to your face and stay cool while waiting for someone in a car with no internal air conditioning.

CTLPower Handheld Fan Review

CTLPower Handheld Fan is a premium quality mini fan with a fashionable design. The rechargeable fan doesn’t make any noise while blowing cool air.

This product is made from the high-quality material. It doesn’t break even if you sit on it accidentally.

The product contains a built-in lithium battery. It’s a rechargeable battery, which provides a lot of conveniences when it comes to using the fan all along the day.

You have three different modes in this product. You can use it as a fan, as a humidifier, or as a fan + humidifier for a misty breeze. This affordable humidifier fan doesn’t produce any noise. You can easily use it as a desktop fan or take it with you on a picnic. It’s perfect for every occasion.

How to install:

You don’t need to read a manual to operate this fan.
Simply fill water in the mini 35 ml tank, charge the battery, and turn on the fan.
For example, you can use the misty fan to cool down after an intense workout. If you are wearing makeup and you fear that the dry heat will destroy your look, CTLPower misty fan is all you need.

I’m sure, you can think of more uses for this portable, versatile humidifier fan.
To use this portable air conditioner at the front/driver seat, simply place it on the dashboard. If you are going to drive along a bumpy track, be sure to use an adhesive so that the fan doesn’t fall off.

Technical details
Type: Handheld humidifier fan
Input: 5V DC (Rechargeable lithium battery)
Battery capacity: 2,000 mAh
Battery usage time: 1-2 hours
  • Battery operated
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Works best when held closer to face, making it inconvenient to be used in a car
  • Doesn’t come with a dashboard cage or adhesive at the bottom

4. Wooboo Mini Portable Air Conditioner

Portable air conditioner for car - Wooboo Mini Portable Air Conditioner
Wooboo Mini Cooli 5th generation mini portable car air conditioner is a summer cooler fan that works without fan blades/leaves. You can hold this battery-operated fan in your hand or place it on your car dashboard for cool air.

Wooboo Mini Portable Air Conditioner Review

Unlike our two earlier picks, Wooboo Mini Portable Air Conditioner is a battery powered and USB rechargeable fan. It means you don’t have to use a car cigarette lighter socket or a solar panel to power this fan. Now that’s what you expect from a ‘true’ portable fan.

This mini cooler from Wooboo is a versatile product. You can use it to dry your wet nail polish or simply enjoy its air conditioning feature for a comfortable driving experience.

You can use this fashion rechargeable fan anywhere as you don’t need a socket nearby. It’s perfect for driving, camping, fishing, hiking, BBQ, picnic, boating, and other outdoor adventures where you have slim chances of finding an electric supply.

How to install:

Wooboo mini portable car AC is easy to use. Simply place it on a stable surface and turn on the unit. It will start blowing air.It comes with anti-skid stainless steel frame holder that makes it convenient to mount this fan to your car dashboard.

This unit is 2 in 1 cooler. It comes with a mini dryer fan and an air conditioning fan. To use the air conditioning fan, take out the sponge and soak it in cold water. Then put it back on the sponge holder and enjoy cool breeze coming from your portable fan.

The fan has a strap to carry. It’s easy to clean and has a robust modern design.

Technical Details
– Type: Bladeless portable mini cooler
– Input: USB powered and rechargeable battery (DC 5V)
– Battery capacity: 1400 MAH
  • Fashion air cooler
  • Rechargeable unit
  • Cool breeze that’s better than other car fans
  • Noiseless operation
  • Soaking the sponge every other hour becomes tedious when using the fan for longer duration
  • Can’t beat an interior car air conditioning unit
  • Can’t plug it into car cigarette lighter socket


Buyer’s Guide – Portable AC for Cars

Will a portable air conditioner for car solve my problem?

Who needs a portable air conditioner for cars?

1. Those living in areas with long winter and short mild summer will find a portable car AC perfectly suitable to their cooling needs.
2. If you are low on budget and desperately need to cool the car cabin, a portable AC could solve your problem.

Portable air conditioner for car - Taotuo Car Cooling Air Fan 12V Image
A portable car AC isn’t for every situation. If your internal car AC only requires cooling liquid refilling, investing in a portable car, AC won’t be a wise choice.
Similarly, if you live in an area with long and tough summer, investing in an internal car AC will prove worth every penny.
A portable AC for cars isn’t a permanent solution to fight heat in the car, but a portable car AC can solve a lot of problems.

Heat strokes & Car overheating preventions

Heat strokes and car overheating is a real problem with hundreds of pets suffering a terrible death from heatstroke in summer. Nearly 37 children die from heat stroke every year because they are left unattended in a car.

A heat stroke can raise the body temperature to fatal levels. The first signs of a heat stroke are confusion and agitation. The patient also suffers from serious disorientation and could end up in a coma.
Beware… these people are at a great risk of heat stroke!

  1. Unattended infants
  2. Elderly
  3. Athletes
  4. Outdoor workers

And obviously, pets can’t do much when you leave them behind in a closed vehicle on a hot day. They can easily suffer a heat stroke which could be potentially fatal.

Top 3 Tips to prevent heat stroke and car overheating problem

Don’t leave kids and pets unattended in the car
Keep yourself hydrated
Avoid vigorous physical activity on a hot day

Portable AC for Car – Conclusion

If you are looking for a 12V portable AC for a vehicle, then you are in luck. Some manufacturers have given this unique idea a try. Due to performance and twin-fan air throw, AboveTEK Electric Fan is our favorite portable air conditioner for cars.