What are the best Kegerators for sale?

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Hosting the get-together and buying a 6-pack of beer to share with guys can be expensive when you’re buying several crates of Heineken 500ml cans to distribute to your buddies. Wouldn’t it be pretty sweet to have your own domestic beer dispenser, which you can fill with your favorite drinks?

Best Home Kegerators for sale

 Nostalgia KRS2100EdgeStar KC2000Versonel VSL155TDSSKegco Kegerator
Nostalgia KRS2100 - Kegerators for saleEdgeStar Full Size Kegerator - Kegerators for saleVersonel Outdoor Kegerator - How much is a Keg of beerEdgestar Kegerator - how much does a keg cost
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Size 20.3 x 26 x 3248.5 x 20.1 x 24.821.2 x 25.2 x 47.223.7 x 23.7 x 33
Weight (Pounds) 96.0

This is where Home Kegerators come into the picture, these Kegerators act as your own social bar, and all you need is your pint glass and pull the lever and your favorite ice cold beer is being poured into your glass on a sunny hot day.
There are many Kegerators on the market, and it is quite difficult searching on forums to find opinions on the type Kegerators you want to buy. We have gone through many Kegerators, and we believe these are the Best Home Kegerators for sale.

Kegerators for Sale #1: The Full Size Nostalgia KRS2100 

Nostalgia KRS2100 - Kegerators for sale

Overall Ratings

The first on the list of the best kegerators for sale is the nostalgia draft beer dispenser has a beautiful finish; a black design over stainless steel body fitting 5.1ft cubes, capacity with a double meter regulator allows it to be reliable and sturdy. Just like a water cooler it features an easy spring-loaded tap mechanism for easy Pull and release of the beer dispenser it also comes with 2.5 ounces of CO2 tank, and an adjustable thermostat.
The Nostalgia KRS21000 now comes with a dual gauge regulator unit this has a lockable output valve meaning once you gets you the settings to how you like it, you can lock the knob to fixed value so it doesn’t get accidentally changed when You adjust the keg.

The wheels are optional and if you wish to remove it to can make it shorter and stationery. Standing 31 inches from the ground without the wheels.


Dimensions: 20.3 x 26 x 32 inches

Weight: 106 lbs.

The nostalgia beer dispenser holds the following keg sizes:

• 1/6 of a Barrel / 5.23 Gallons)
• 1/4 of a Barrel Short / 7.75 Gallons
• 1/4 of a Barrel Slim / 7.75 Gallons
• 1/2 of a Barrel /15.5 Gallons

Inside a Nostalgia KRS2100There have been passed complaints of the regulator previously when it was a single gauge on previous models, however, the newer models now contains a dual gauge.
The beer dispenser comes with a 5lbs keg, but it can be quickly swapped out for a different keg size if you wish.
This beer dispenser is reliable, however, there are some aspects that could be improved the unit doesn’t go below 40°. This isn’t much of a concern, considering that the optimal temperatures of beers are around 42 – 43°.

The main advantages of this beer dispenser is that it has a good and reasonable price, the beer dispenser works well out of the box it has been cold down to 38 Fahrenheit as default.

The dual gauge regulator was a great addition to the upgrade of this item to check the CO2 levels to a more accurate value.

The Nostalgia beer dispenser has many advantages, for example, been a great beer dispenser for a beginner to get the hands hold of there are some disadvantages to the beer dispenser for example the beer line is way too short which may not give your beer the foamy texture you love.


Main Features:

Nostalgia KRS2100 Faucet - Kegerators for sale

Tall Tap Tower: It get a bit frustrating when you have to tilt your glass at an angle to pour beer, as your glass wouldn’t fit, having a 13-inch tall beer tap tower allows larger glass such as a pint glass (around 6 inches) to comfortably fit under the faucet.

CO2 Tank with double regulators – there may be some confusion that this is a dual gauge regulator, it happened to be a single regulator with two gauges which operate on the CO2 tank. The left gauge, a high pressure gauge for the Keg, and the right, which is pressure given to the keg in order for a nice frothy stream of beer into a glass.

  • Great deal for a beginner – If you’re interested in having a beer dispenser in your garage while you have your friends over and you’re not much of a kegerators expert, this is a good choice to go, mainly because it is inexpensive compared to other Kegerators, and it has a easy enough installation process.
  • Easy clean – Although this may not be a big deal, it is extremely easy to clean especially the drip tray area, its pretty inconvenient when you’re trying to clean a beer spill in an area which cannot be reached which in time gets dry and sticky, by the Nostalgia Kegerator including for example a removable drip tray just allows for a better maintained Kegerator, thus lasting longer.
  • Overall, I think it is one of the best for its price of being a cheaper unit, it is its money’s worth. It is a great beer dispenser for beginners somebody who is looking for a beer dispenser of a reasonably low price but does not have any knowledge of the background, since it has simple installation and maintenance.
  • Lastly the 2.5 lbs tank which came with the nostalgia dispenser is quite small, however it does the job and can be replaced, if you are keen on getting a bigger keg size it is advised to get a 5 pounds keg or larger.

Kegerators for Sale #2: EdgeStar Ultra Low Temp Full Size Kegerator 

EdgeStar Full Size Kegerator - Kegerators for sale

Overall Ratings

The KC2000 is an ideal model for someone just entering the beer dispenser market since includes all the key features you need at a very reasonable price.

The KC2000 is a great cooling product designed for indoor use only and includes a manual thermostat to control and regulate the temperatures. The beer dispenser comes in a single tap version or dual tap version but due to the small capacity of the fridge box it does not come in the triple tap option. The Edgestar KC2000 is one of the moat popular kegerators for sale and for all the right reasons below.


Dimensions: 48.5 H x 20.1 W x 24.8 D (in inches)

Weight: 106 lbs.

Stores up to a full-sized half shell Sankey standard keg including:

• 1/6 of a Barrel / 5.23 Gallons
• 1/4 of a Barrel Short / 7.75 Gallons
• 1/4 of a Barrel Slim / 7.75 Gallons
• 1/2 of a Barrel / 15.5 Gallons

EdgeStar KC2000 - Kegerators for sale

Unlike other models, the advantages of the KC 2000 is that it comes with a very high quality components for its price and is an ideal choice for a first time buyer as it includes all the main features that are needed for to make a great beer dispenser.

Like the nostalgia beer dispenser the edge star Casey KC2000 comes in a black finish.
It comes in a specialised design, which includes a commercial homebrew keg convertor kit, and it is easy to convert into a refrigerator it comes with an empty 5 lbs. brewer keg.
And aluminium carbon dioxide cylinder is also included.

Main Features:

Inside of a Edgestar KC2000

Low temperature thermostat – The KC2000 has an analogue switch mechanism, which allows the temperature to be maintained in the Kegerators, to of lows of the 30’s for a ice cold beer.

Small Width – Only being 4 inches less than a full size keg, with one of the smallest width for it size of 20.1 inches, the KC2000 can fit into tight spaces such as a small kitchen or a congested garage space without worrying to much about the ventilation, and still large enough to hold a full size keg.

External CO2 Mount – Now you may be wondering if the width is small where can the CO2 tank be mounted, an ingenious deign to place the tank on the back of the unit, allows less space to be taken, without compromising the integrity of the KC2000.


Runs quietly – Initiall,y I expected that the KC2000 would run with a soft rumbling noise however it has been quite quiet, which makes me think it’s a cool idea to place it in an house study room / or even your bedroom.

Easy assembly: With the help of the manual, it was an easy installation, which took under 25 minutes straight out of the box, however, the KC2000 did not come with a tank pressure gauge, which I had to buy separately, although it wasn’t much of a problem


Sticky Faucet – Although the nice design of the faucet, over a few day of non use the faucet begins to dry and become sticky overtime, it is best to keep a napkin nearby to clean the faucet after use.

Not really much of a con, more of an advice, I would recommend that you should set your CO2 to around 6/7 PSI (Pounds per square inch), this would reduce the amount of excessive frothy foam in your glass of beer.

Kegerators for Sale #3:Versonel VSL155TDSS Full Keg Kegerator 

Versonel Outdoor Kegerator - How much is a Keg of beer

Overall Ratings

The Versonnel beer dispenser is one of the most popular beer dispensers for all the right reasons with a polished black finish, just like a wine cooler it is accompanied with a beautiful enhance digital LED quick view on the front to display the temperature of the best optimal environment for your beer temperatures range from 34° to the mid 40s it is a standalone beer dispenser.
It can be easily converted into a standard bar fridge with two internal shelves


Dimensions: 21.2 H x 25.2 W x 47.2 D (in inches)

Weight: 88 lbs.

It can take the following keg sizes:

• 1/4 of a Barrel
• 5 Gallons Barrel
• 5 Gallon D System Barrel
• 1/2 of a Barrel Full Size

The Versonel Kegerator Front

There are many pros to this beer dispenser:

The personal PASL155TDSS fits various keg sizes as mentioned above, it has a temperature display that it is battery operated and it comes with all its parts so you do not have to worry about buying extra accessories for the installation of this beer dispenser.
There are some disadvantages however it seems like the CO2 pressure has to be lowered in order for it not to foam when is being dispensed.

It is easy to assemble and it worked well.

Main Features:

Versonel Kegerator Inside - Kegerators for sale
Front Panel LCD Temperature display – Most of the time, I would buy a wireless temperature display or read the thermostat settings, it’s interesting when a product figures a way to combine two problems and figure out a single solution. The VSL155TDS provides a LCD display screen, which allows reading on inspection.

4 Removable caster wheels – Although the VSL155TDS is designed to be of indoor use only as a home Kegerators, it comes equipped with caster wheels which can be detached. This is useful if you need a Kegerators somewhat mobile transferring it from room to room, depending on the occasions.

Other features:

• Two stainless steel dip trays
• ‘Snap back’ spring action in faucet
• Holds various keg sized
• Black stainless steel door finish

The Pros:

Convert to a 6cf Bar fridge – Acting as a portable refrigerator, the VSL155TDS can also be converted into a 6 cubic feet bar fridge, which comes included with two removable wire racks, for fridge storage when the Keg is not in use.

The Cons:LCD – Another minor problem is that the fact that they the LCD display is off by around 10 Fahrenheit, than the actual temperature inside the Kegerator, this may just be a problem with our Kegerator, however this is a problem a few customers are having with this beer dispenser.

Kegerators for Sale #4: Kegco Dual Faucet Kegerator

Image of the Kegco Kegerator

Overall Ratings

The last of the best kegerators for sale is the Kegco Dual faucet Homebrew Kegerator. The Kegco brand is a well and trusted brand when it comes to beer dispensers the Kegerators full-size digital homebrew; stainless steel beer dispenser comes in a variety of faucets.
It comes ranging from one faucet with a Keg to 3 Faucets with a Keg.

The size allows the beer dispenser to accommodate a range of keg sizes.
I like that Kegco full-size beer dispenser comes with a digital temperature control allowing the temperature to be precise and accurate instead of guessing the temperature with a manual dial gauge, this can be changed from Celsius to Fahrenheit, on the LED display.


Dimensions: 20.3 H x 26 W x 32 D (in inches)

Weight: 95 lbs.

The beer dispenser holds the following keg sizes:

• 1/6 of a Barrel / 5.23 Gallons
• 1/4 of a Barrel Short / 7.75 Gallons
• 1/4 of a Barrel Slim / 7.75 Gallons
• 1/2 of a Barrel / 15.5 Gallons
• Home Brew Keg

A image of the Kegco Kegerator Digital view

One amazing feature that comes with this beer dispenser is it’s wide temperature range and is regarded as one of the coldest temperature ranges of any didn’t beer dispenser on the market ranging from as low as 32° to dispense ice cold homebrew to as high as temperatures of 75°.
With those temperatures of 75° this beer dispenser can be used for a stable and reliable environment for example, the fermentation of homebrew beer.

With a large interior it is ideal to accommodate many keg sizes as well as comfortably holding two kegs. Unsure of Keg Sizes we have a great article on How much is a keg of beer.

Main Features:

Kegco Kegerator Inside - Kegerators for sale

Deep chill function – Another interesting feature that comes with the beer dispenser is deep chill function. This function forces the compressor to work continuously for 24 hours allowing the beer dispenser to cool down a warm beer off keg to the Point you can enjoy a ice cold beer in a matter of hours this is a button as a feature to activate this function you press the button for Deep chill, and to activate the normal mode the button is pressed again

Converts to a refrigerator with 2 shelves – With all the amazing features mentioned, it can also be easily converted into a refrigerator with two shelves this acts as a versatile fridge and beer dispenser so it can be used domestically when you are not using it as a beer dispenser to store your favorite food and beverages. It can even store a bottle of wine at its optimum temperature thanks to its large range of temperatures, which can be visible with the LED monitor.

Elegant design – The sleek black design is a great look for the cabinet with a stainless door and Dual faucet.
This beer dispenser has a long lifetime with a [great warranty], it looks sleek and runs quietly, the controls are easy to use and the drip tray is easy to clean however if not used for a while The tap does dry up and get a bit sticky well this is understandable as this is expected in all beer dispenser. I am very impressed by this beer dispenser not just for is normal features but it goes extra mile with features such as the deep chill mode and a large capacity for kegs to fit in.


The Quality – I must say the quality of the Kegco Kegerator is pretty outstanding from the use Commercial gauge (CGA-320) CO2 regulator of high-grade aluminum alloy (6061-T6), an air splitter to neon blue LED light, it’s a marvel of a design.

Best Kegerators for sale – Conclusion

Kegerators can be an absolute money saver when it comes to large events and get-togethers, that why we have reviewed the best kegerators for sale on the market. Like Coolers, there are many home kegerators on the market that offer a range of features from the innovative conversion of a Kegerator into a mini fridge to the exceptional, using the Kegco Kegerator to ferment your own homebrew beer or even keeping the optimum temperatures of wine.
This simple marvel of technology is a fine way to impress your buddies at the next get-together why not have a look at it?
If you have any suggestion or queries on the different types of kegerators for sale please leave a comment below.