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Best Kegerator Reviews 2017: Comprehensive Guide

Last Updated: 4th September, 2017Who doesn’t like the idea of having your favorite beer poured out at will from your best kegerator? … but what are kegerators and how do they benefit you? Typically, a Kegerator is a beverage dispenser that includes a CO2 cylinder, coupler, tubing, faucet, and a regulator. The refrigerator keeps the drink cold inside the keg, and other parts make it possible to dispense fresh beer. With a ton of brands and different models, it can be quite frustrating making a choice. Below we have made a comprehensive guide for the best kegerators on the...

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Best Cooler For Camping – Why choose a Bear Proof Cooler

Last Updated: 3rd September, 2017Looking for the Best Cooler for Camping? While you carry your cooler around, it’s pretty unpleasant knowing your soggy sandwich is in a cooler suspended in a sea of melted ice. Getting the best camping cooler is not a piece of cake. Especially for the free spirits who are buying a cooler for the first time. To help you get the best value for your money, we have devised this guide on the best coolers for camping. Best Cooler for Camping – Our Top Picks The market is flooded with camping coolers. But it does...

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Pelican Cooler Review – Introducing the new Pelican Elite

Last Updated: 7th September, 2017You can think of Pelican Coolers as the heavy-weight favorite amongst outdoor enthusiasts, an absolute beast designed to beat the very best contestants in the ring; with a jaw-dropping ice retention of 10 Days and with a new release line of Coolers, this is worth a Pelican cooler review. Pelican Cooler products have always been designed for extreme conditions especially in defense, emergency services and expeditions in extremely remote areas. Whether you are out in the wild or fishing the Pelican cooler is for you. They are designed to keep ice for up to 10 days,...

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Best Ice Packs for Coolers: Are they really worth the hassle

Last Updated: 4th September, 2017What are the best ice packs for coolers? …Well, I thought regular ice cubes would be fine, right? … and you’re correct to think so. However, with many outdoor enthusiasts, this is a heated topic. Many of you must be confused about the idea of ice packs. Cut to the chase; ice packs have two advantages over crushed or normal ice cubes. They stay frozen for a longer period You don’t need to deal with watery mess upon melting Looking for the best ice packs is not easy when you don’t have any prior knowledge....

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Best Cooler for the Money 2017 – On every budget

Last Updated: 12th September, 2017What is the best cooler for the money? With all the coolers on the market, it was a difficult choice to come to a single ‘golden cooler’ which ticked all the criteria’s. So we’ve shortlisted the top 5, with an editor’s choice as the best cooler for the money. These coolers have been categorised into 3 bands being high budget, low budget and mid-range. This will help you decide which cooler will suit you for your next camping trip. Best Cooler for the Money Comparison Table  High-EndMid-RangeBudget Saver Product ModelPelican Pro Gear CoolerOrca CoolerColeman Xtreme...

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