We all love the sunny hot days, and what makes it better is when we go out for a picnic outside, on the park or at the beach. What makes it worse is when you arrive at the beach only to have your drinks and beers warm, because you did not have am efficient cooler box.

Searching through the web for the best cooler box, either being the most popular or the cheapest can be such a mundane task.

“They all look the same”.

That is one argument, but in fact many coolers have a variety of function, some more efficient at retaining the temperature in the box some worse. This is why at thecoolerreviews.com we have been on the mission on for scanning the best coolers online and in retail stores, to save you time and help you find the best cooler.

We are at your service.

We have gone through countless hours of reviews, manually testing different types of coolers to compile a detailed review and information on the best coolers on the market. An in depth review is important and we pride ourselves on providing the best information that can be found anywhere on finding the best way to cool beverages.

My prospect is to make a common place where beer lovers, family picnicker’s and advocates can find the best information on the best ways cool their beverages for that nice hot sunny day as well as getting an in-depth review on what are the best coolers for your specific use.

Every review will be based on three main factors to give an overall score being Efficiency, Portability and Quality. It is my goal to achieve extravagant review coverage of all beverage coolers from the high budget to the low.

Please, feel free to have a browse the site we are uploading plenty of new content. Also, please leave a comment on any suggestions on the site on how to improve this site and help strengthen and serve the community better.


We love great user feedback, if you have any questions please don’t hesitate to use our Contact Us page, and we’ll get right back to you.